Prepare for an extraordinary move of God as we embark on the 21-day Daniel Fast, beginning January 21, 2018 at 12:01 am and concluding February 10,2018 at 11:59 pm

Families may team up together or connect with someone.

What is the Daniel Fast?

The Daniel Fast is a biblically based partial fast. It is a method of fasting that men, women and young people all over the world are using as they enter into the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting. There are two anchoring scriptures for the Daniel Fast. In Daniel 1 the Prophet ate only vegetables (that would have included fruits) and drank only water.

And in Daniel 10 we read that the Prophet ate no meat nor any precious breads or foods.


  • Eat only fruits, vegetables, dried beans, and nuts;
  • Drink only water or all-natural juices for beverage;
  • No sweeteners, breads or dairy products.

Fasting should never bring harm to the body. Be sure to consult your health professional before going on the Daniel Fast or making any major dietary change.

Outcomes of Fasting

  • Increased level of intimacy with God;
  • Heightened sensitivity to God; and
  • Next Dimension experience i.e. abundant power; abundant glory; abundant provision.

Another important guideline is drawn from Jewish fasting principles, where no leaven is used during the fast. Do not use yeast, baking powder and the like on the Daniel Fast.

Finally, be prayerful and read the Word during your fast and expect spiritual breakthroughs and miracles.

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Proverbs 3:9